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Höp Cream is a new product line from the Olhöps brand focused exclusively on ice cream made with craft beer.

The idea is to combine the vast world that beer has become, bursting with its styles and flavors, with a product that is loved by everyone and is accessible throughout the year here in Valencia given the weather.  Höp Cream equally can be enjoyed while sitting outside, relaxing by the beach, following a great meal, or at the bar as a compliment to your drink.

Packaging and Branding

Höp Cream ice cream is produced and packaged in their distinctive containers so they can be consumed on the premise by groups or to be taken home to enjoy at a later time.

Each flavor’s unique packaging has been designed to engage the consumer through the studio’s use of vibrant colors and playful illustrations depicting the various flavors.

The tandem of Olhöps & Höp Cream intends to actively participate in festivals, beer fairs, city events, as Noblejas Fair, and through catering opportunities to raise awareness of its innovative product and make their mark as the leading brand in the craft beer ice cream sector.

The factory – Where we turn beer into ice cream

To make our idea a reality we need to find the perfect virtuoso in the kitchen who could understand our vision and create our flavors.  At Höp Cream we are very fortunate to have found this in José Montejano, one of the most prominent pastry and dessert chefs in the province of Valencia and all of Spain, who did not hesitate to join us on this project.

José Montejano’s success thus far in his career is undeniable having worked in the kitchens of famous chefs such as Paco Torreblanca and Ricard Camarena and at restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca. With Höp Cream, José brings his experience and masterful touch to create an ice cream full of flavor aimed at enhancing the various underlying flavors and notes found in the exceptional craft beers being produced today.

Through his understanding of the palate and delicate skill in preparing ice cream, José creates a unique new twist on ice cream never before seen that will leave you speechless.


Olhöps is a trademark of Olhöps Craft Brewery S.L., a company that is dedicated to promoting craft beer. Through its online store, distribution services to restaurants and beers, and its own locale dedicated to this product, Olhöps Craft Beer House, Olhöps has quickly become one of the most important figures in the world of craft beer in the province of Valencia and Spain as a whole.

Joining the Olhöps team in creating Höp Cream is Elliott Konig, an American from Miami, who has brought his vision and ideas for this project from a country where the craft beer industry is much more advanced. Through his experiences and understanding of the product he provides a fresh and innovative touch to this fun and exciting new brand.