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Basic Flavors

At Höp Cream we have four basic ice cream flavors that are available year round. These flavors utilize some of the most popular styles of craft beer found in the world today giving the customer the opportunity to learn about the style of beer and their tastes through the most commonly found flavors of ice cream.

Vanilla with Stout

Notes: Coffee, vanilla, chocolate.

We use a Stout with touches of coffee and chocolate that is an ideal compliment to combine with the natural vanilla beans used.


Strawberry with Pale Ale

Notes: Strawberry and citrus.

We use a Pale Ale and natural strawberries to create a flavor that is both sweet and sour with a slightly bitter aftertaste leaving you craving more.


Citrus with IPA

Notes: Citrus and tropical fruits

We use an IPA and add the zest of orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit peels along with the natural juices of these citrus fruits. Very refreshing!


Chocolate with Black IPA

Notes: Chocolate, cocoa and coffee.

We use a Black IPA to find the balance between the pure chocolate used in the ice cream with the touches of coffee, cocoa, and bitterness found in the beer.


Specials Flavors

Limited editions and small-batch releases using beers that we love and want to transform into ice cream.  For these flavors we look to enhance the tastes found in the beer or combine it with a contrasting tang that leaves our customers amazed and satisfied.

Nougat with Nublar (Amber Ale)

Notes: Nougat, hops

Made using Nublar by H2ÖL Brewing and Zeta Beer, we created this nougat flavor ice cream for the Christmas season. In the ice cream you will discover and enjoy the contrast of the sweet nougat flavor with the bitterness of the hops used in making this American Amber Ale brewed in Valencia to celebrate the second anniversary of Olhöps.


Spanish French Toast with Imperial Torrija (Double Brown Ale)

Notes: Torrija, caramel, cinnamon

Created with Imperial Torrija from H2ÖL Brewing and Tyris, this ice cream contains pieces of torrija (Spain’s version of French toast) along with caramel & cinnamon swirls to make the beer tribute to one of Spain’s favorite desserts even sweeter!


Cinnamon Coffee with Coffee Brain (Stout)

Notes: coffee, cinnamon

We knew we wanted to transform this delicious local beer into Höp Cream at first taste. With the notes of coffee already strong in the beer we added a touch of cinnamon in what has become one of our most popular flavors to date.


Neutral Flavors

Flavors we’ve created by transforming the beer directly into ice cream without adding any additional flavors or ingredients.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)

Notes: Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Bourbon

The most special flavor we’ve made to date, this limited edition batch was made using KBS from Founders Brewing. An incredibly well-balanced Imperial Stout with an abv of 11.8%, we decided to create this ice cream using the original flavor of the beer for all to enjoy the masterpiece that it is as an ice cream.